Keter CEO Alejandro Pena Highlights Company’s Environmental Achievements


Environmentalism and sustainability are two significant words that businesses around the globe have glued onto. Building better and greener initiatives to yield more positive environmental outcomes is more than just intelligent business now. It is almost a necessity.

Alejandro Pena is the CEO of Keter Group, a position he has held since 2017. Brought on board to help guide the company in its expansion into larger markets, Pena has helped cultivate an environment conducive to greener and more sustainable outcomes.

Pena said of Keter Group’s efforts, “At Keter, we recognize that sustainability is not just a buzzword but a fundamental responsibility we owe to our planet, society, and future generations.”

Pena would go on to say that the company’s goal was to build and shape a better future, driven by the principles of the business and encouraged by the hearts and minds of the people running it.

Creating a Better Business

Alejandro Pena is keenly aware of the history of corporate greenwashing. That is to say,, when businesses make it appear that they are making tangible ground with environmental initiatives, they are.

Pena would say, “This will eventually come to an end as consumers become more aware and demand real action.”

To emphasize the progress that Keter Group is making, the company has focused on releasing annual sustainability reports beginning in 2022. Pena said, “Companies must provide transparent, verifiable data on their environmental impact as evidence of their commitment to the planet.”

On the ground, Pena emphasizes the importance of Keter’s cultural shift toward environmentalism and sustainability. Pena pointed out that it encourages its tech experts and engineers to pursue processes and materials that tread lightest on Earth’s fragile ecosystems.

Pena would say, “Climate change has already profoundly impacted our planet. But the good news is, we are not powerless.”

To make an actionable change now and in the future, Keter is embracing its core pillars for a better world: “Better Products for Better Places, Better Planet, and Better Businesses.”

Looking at Recent Success

Alejandro Pena gestured to the company’s initial sustainability report in 2022 to fully emphasize the progress made at Keter Group. The 2022 report revealed that the company had made tangible steps toward greener outcomes.

One note Pena had was that the company dahs made more than 40% of its products from reprocessed materials. Pena added, “We don’t produce single-use plastic consumer products.”

Keter aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in 2025 by 25% while reducing or recycling nearly 80% of its water waste along the way. Alejandro Pena is a firm believer in the idea that they can continue to improve environmental operations. Pena added, “Consider the impossible and turn it into the possible. When we’re told something can’t be done, we dare to do it.”

Keter Group is best known for its producing resin furniture and lifestyle home goods.

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